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Hugo Cartridge is a specially developed package for lubricating grease. The grease cartridge is manufactured in a standard size for 400-gram grease guns but can also be used in some 500-gram grease guns. When greasing open surfaces, the Hugo Cartridge is supplemented with a spout and used in the Hugo Grease Applicator.


  • The injection-molded grease cartridge guarantees lasting quality with uniform wall thickness and high stability, as well as a surface suitable for screen printing. The bottom of the grease cartridge has an internal seal that locks with the bottom cap for optimal tightness. The outer edge closes tightly in a grease gun and prevents the cartridge from slipping during use.

  • The specially designed, leak-free bottom lid pull cap remains secure during filling, transport, and storage. The convex inside of the bottom cap ensures an even tighter seal due to the pressure during filling. The bottom cover is easily removed with the help of the pull loop.

  • The cartridge can be resealed by replacing the bottom cap. The Hugo Cartridge has a sealing closure at both ends, guaranteeing a completely tight, leak-free function.

  • The Hugo Cartridge is made from PP, and the lids are made from PELLD, making our products 100% recyclable.

  • Complies with DIN standard 1284.

Check the instructions for an easier use of our cartridges

How to use the Hugo Grease cartridge with a standard DIN 1284 grease gun

How to use the Hugo Grease cartridge with the Hugo Grease Applicator

How to use the Hugo Grease cartridge together with the Hugo Grease gun

Our various grease cartridges

Welcome to our range of three unique grease cartridges, tailored to different needs and materials. Discover

high-quality solutions that take your work performance to new heights. With expertise and precision, each grease cartridge is a key to smooth and efficient work processes. Make the right choice - select the optimal grease cartridge from our range for successful projects.

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For those who are environmentally conscious, Hugo Cartridges has developed a special quality of polypropylene produced from recycled material.

In 2023, we introduced a more environmentally friendly alternative with 30% post-consumer recycled (PCR) PP plastic in the 400-gram cartridge.

Custom made lids

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Welcome to our versatile world of customized lids designed to make your work easier. Explore our range of lids that fit perfectly with our cartridges, regardless of your specific needs or projects. With our innovative solutions, you are ready to take the step towards more efficient and smoother work processes.

Make the right choice – select not only the right grease cartridge but also the perfect lid to optimize your workday.

More questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you.

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